Membership Information

Membership Requirements

A person may qualify to become a (Full) Member who:

1) Holds a bachelor’s or advanced degree in engineering or geology; and,

2) Has ten years experience in the evaluation of oil and gas properties. Five years responsible petroleum engineering experience or five years teaching petroleum engineering courses in a college or university accredited by the Accreditation Board of Engineers and Technology (ABET) may be substituted for five years of experience in the evaluation of oil and gas properties. Experience in the evaluation of oil and gas properties shall mean that the principal employment on a consistent basis regularly involves the evaluation of oil and gas properties. “Evaluation” of oil and gas properties includes, but is not limited to, the responsible determination of petroleum reserve/resources estimates, the responsible determination of production forecasts, and the responsible inclusion of the economic impacts of reserves/resources and production estimates; and,

3) If an engineer, legally offering engineering services directly to the public, or if employed in an engineering capacity by a firm that legally provides professional engineering services to the public; a license or registration as a professional engineer. Licensure or registration is not required for engineers working exclusively as an employee within a corporate structure that: (a) does not provide engineering services to the public, and (b) does not require that its engineering personnel be licensed or registered as a professional engineer.

4) If a geologist, must be: (a) a Certified Petroleum Geologist as designated by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), or (b) a member in good standing of the Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists (SIPES), or (c) be certified by the applicant’s residence regulations, if such certification is available.

Associate Membership Requirements

A person may qualify to become an Associate Member who:

1) Meets the requirements of a Full Member as listed above except an Associate Member shall be required to demonstrate at least five years of experience in the evaluation of oil and gas properties (rather than the ten years required for Member status), one half of which time (2-1/2 years) can be satisfied by the substitution of either 2-1/2 years of responsible petroleum engineering practice or 2-1/2 years of teaching petroleum engineering courses in an accredited college or university.

2) The Associate Member application forms and process shall follow the same procedure as a Full Membership application.

An Associate Member may vote for officers and directors and on such matters as may properly come before the membership, but an Associate Member may not act as a sponsor for a Member or Associate Member. An Associate Member may not hold national office.

To upgrade to full membership, the applicant must fill out an application for an Associate Member to change status to Member form. In this process the applicant must have at least one sponsor complete the sponsor form for the period between associate approval and upgrade request. The sponsor must be a member who is familiar with the Associate Member’s work between when they became an Associate and when they apply for Full Membership and may be the same as an original sponsor. When an associate member is originally approved, the month and year of full membership eligibility will be noted by the Qualifications Committee chair on the approval signature page. An Associate Member must apply to change status from Associate Member to Member no later than ten years from admission to the Society as an Associate Member.

Membership Procedure

Every applicant for admission as a Member shall submit an application on a form authorized by the Executive Committee, signed by the applicant and endorsed by not less than three Member sponsors who are in good standing, stating the applicant’s training and experience and such other facts as shall be prescribed from time to time by the Executive Committee. Associate Members may not act as sponsors. The Application, after being screened by the Qualifications Committee, will be forwarded to the Executive Committee. The application must then be approved by the Executive Committee after each Member of that committee has determined that the applicant fulfills the qualifications required under Article III of the SPEE By-Laws. Prior to admission to the Society, the names of the applicant and the applicant’s sponsors shall be presented to the Members of the Society. In the case of applicants admitted under Section 2 of the By-Laws, the applicants’ non-member sponsors will be identified with a footnote identifying that the application for Membership was submitted under Section 2. If no objection is received within thirty (30) days after mailing of the names of the applicant and the applicant’s sponsors to the Society’s members, and after approval of the Executive Committee the applicant shall be notified of acceptance as a Member. If a membership application is received where the applicant does not meet the above qualifications in their entirety, the Board of Directors, by unanimous vote, may consider waiving certain requirements upon petition by the applicant and the applicant’s sponsors. Waivers are rare, and are reserved for the most unique of circumstances.

Membership Forms

Membership Application Form   DOC  
Membership Application Help and Guidelines   PDF
Sponsor Form (Word)   DOC
Associate to Full Member Status Change Form   PDF

Important SPEE Documents

SPEE By-Laws                    PDF
Grievance Procedure   PDF
Code of Ethics   PDF
Principals of Acceptable Evaluation Engineering Practice    PDF

Admission of New Members

If any objection is received within thirty (30) days after mailing of the names of the applicant and the applicant’s sponsors to the Society’s Members, the Executive Committee after investigating the basis for such objection shall reconsider the application and shall decide either to accept or reject the applicant as a Member or Associate Member. An objection, in order to be deemed a valid cause for the action called for in the preceding paragraph, must specifically cite one or both of the following conditions: The objecting Member believes that the applicant lacks one or more of the qualifications set out in ARTICLE III, Section 1 or Section 4. The objecting Member has knowledge of events or circumstances that would indicate that the applicant does not meet the ethical standards set out in ARTICLE VI, Section 1. An applicant, upon being notified in writing of acceptance as a member of the Society, shall also be billed for the dues applicable for the current year. Admission as a Member or Associate Member will become effective when payment for such dues is received by the Society. If dues payment is not received within sixty (60) days from applicants living within the continental United States and within ninety (90) days from other applicants after notice of acceptance has been mailed to the applicant, the Executive Committee may rescind the admission of the applicant as a Member or Associate Member.

Benefits of Membership

1.    INDUSTRY CONTACTS – A great way to increase your network of resources and associates in the specialized field of oil and gas property evaluation is through membership in the SPEE. If your background, for example, has primarily been in the Gulf Coast and you need to evaluate a field in Wyoming – having an experienced SPEE contact in Denver could be very beneficial.

2.    A FORUM FOR EXCHANGE OF INFORMATION – Attendance at local chapter meetings and the annual meeting is a good way to exchange or pick up information regarding various aspects of the industry – technical, business and personal.

  • Reservoir Evaluation – For example, how do you calculate reserves for a horizontal oil well or a coalbed methane well? You’ll find the SPEE meetings to be a good forum to exchange thoughts on subjects like this.
  • Facilitate Acquisition Activities – SPEE members can be some of your best sources for information on buying or selling oil and gas properties. A high percentage of the membership is regularly involved directly or indirectly in property acquisition activities.
  • Work Referrals – If you are a consultant the contacts you establish in SPEE can be good source from which business referrals are generated.  
  • Publications – The annual “Review of Parameters used in Property Evaluation” and the SPEE Monographs 1 to 4 are useful materials to anyone involved in oil and gas property evaluation. In addition, the SPEE newsletter contains information of Society and member activities as well as programming by the various chapters.
  • Annual Meeting – This meeting allows attendees to visit with professional peers in a relaxed setting with ample opportunity for recreational activities. Spouses also enjoy attending. Information on Employment Opportunities – SPEE members are frequently aware of employment opportunities for individuals with property evaluation experience.

3.    PROMOTES PROFESSIONALISM AND CREDIBILITY – Membership in SPEE is selective in that it is available only to those individuals who can demonstrate that they meet the requirements for membership. The SPEE has been an effective organization since its founding in 1962, and as of January 1, 2017 the Society had a membership of 588 professionals. Oil and gas property evaluation is a specialized field of the oil and gas industry – this is the professional organization for individuals who work in that area.

Other Classes of Membership

Honorary Life Membership

Upon the recommendation of not less than three Members in good standing, the Executive Committee along with the Board of Directors may, after a review, confer an Honorary Life Membership upon a Member in good standing. The basis for conferring an Honorary Life Membership upon a Member is outstanding achievement in the profession of petroleum property evaluation and/or significant and exceptional service to the Society. An Honorary Life Member shall be exempt from annual dues, shall be presented with the form of membership certificate customary for that class of membership, and shall have his or her name included in the list of Honorary Life Members in the Membership Directory.

Life Membership

Upon the recommendation of not less than three Members in good standing, the Executive Committee along with the Board of Directors may, after a review, confer a Life Membership upon a Member in good standing. The bases for conferring a Life Membership upon a Member include a critical health situation, or permanent disability, or any other special case deemed worthy by the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. A Life Member shall be exempt from annual dues.

Code of Ethics of Engineers

The Fundamental Principles

Engineers uphold and advance the integrity, honor and dignity of the engineering profession by: using their knowledge and skill for the enhancement of human welfare; being honest and impartial, and serving with fidelity the public, their employers and clients; striving to increase the competence and prestige of the engineering profession; and supporting the professional technical societies of their disciplines.

The Fundamental Canons 

1. Engineers shall hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public in the performance of their professional duties.

2. Engineers shall perform services only in the areas of their competence.

3. Engineers shall issue public statements only in an objective and truthful manner.

4. Engineers shall act in professional matters for each employer or client as faithful agents or trustees, and shall avoid conflicts of interest.

5. Engineers shall build their professional reputation on the merit of their services and shall not compete unfairly with others.

6. Engineers shall act in such a manner as to uphold and enhance the honor, integrity and dignity of the profession.

7. Engineers shall continue their professional development throughout their careers and shall provide opportunities for the professional development of those engineers under their supervision. Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc.* 111 Market Place, Suite 1050, Baltimore, MD 21202 *Formerly Engineers’ Council for Professional Development. (Approved by the ECPD Board of Directors, October 5, 1977)