Fair Market Value 2017

SPEE Monograph 2 Update: Perspectives on the Fair Market Value of Oil and Gas Interests

We invite you to participate in the update of the 2002 SPEE “Perspectives on The Fair Market Value of Oil and Gas Interests”, commonly referred to as SPEE Monograph 2.  The number of hypothetical problems has been increased from four in the original set to eight. 

You will find the Instructions & Guidance, Problems and Answer Sheet, as well as how to submit your answers in the below download link.

Responses are welcome from non-members who learn of the existence of the fair market value survey.

Please submit your answers no later than June 30, 2017.  There is no requirement that you answer all problems in order to participate.

SPEE FMV Committee
Russ Long-Co Chairman
Dee Patterson-Co Chairman

FMV 2017 Master Problem Set