Proposed By-Laws Revisions

Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers



The SPEE By-Laws document sets forth the basic principles of governance of SPEE. These By-Laws were last revised in 2011, and the SPEE Board of Directors has identified a number of recommended changes to be included in a 2018 revision. As a member of the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers, you are being asked to review these recommended changes. There will be an open comment period until January 26, 2018. You may provide comments via email as indicated below, or to any current member of the Board of Directors. A ballot will be provided for voting at the end of the comment period.

While changes are proposed to most of the 18 Articles which comprise the current SPEE By-Laws document, the proposed changes have been aggregated into 5 groups as follows: 

  1. ARTICLE III: Clarification of membership qualifications.
  2. ARTICLE IV: Admission process requirements.
  3. ARTICLES VI, XII, and XIII: Grievance procedures.
  4. ARTICLE XVI: Clarification of indemnification provisions.
  5. ARTICLES V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XIV, XV, XVII, XVIII, and XIX. APPENDIX A and B: General grammatical and explanatory cleanup in many articles. Permanent addition of previously approved Appendix A and B.

The proposed changes are provided on a "track changes" version of the SPEE By-Laws, which is included in this email as well as on the page at SPEE.ORG. The changes shown in this "track changes" document reflect the Board of Directors recommended changes, relative to the current official SPEE By-Laws. Additionally, a “final proposed” version of the SPEE By-Laws is provided as a clean copy incorporating the proposed changes.

SPEE By-Laws: "Track Changes"

SPEE By-Laws: "Final Proposed"

Should you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact me at 832-636-1735 or at


Respectfully submitted,


Jennifer Fitzgerald

2017 Executive Secretary / Treasurer

Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers